COBOC SOHO Electric Road Bike

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From the second we set eyes on the COBOC we were impressed. At only 13.7Kg  it was hard to believe it was electric. On our first test ride down Portobello Road we were sold! …A truly amazing machine that makes all else look and feel agricultural and heavy.

Motor Power
Battery Location
In Frame
Battery Chemistry
and Capacity

Li-Pol, 350 Wh
(36 Volt x 9.7Ah)

350 36 9.7

Electric bike frame size guide

Inside leg range Frame size
24 - 29" (61 - 74cm) 14" (35.56cm)
25 - 30" (64 - 76cm) 15" (38.1cm)
26 - 31" (66 - 78cm) 16" (40.64cm)
27 - 32" (69 - 81cm) 17" (43.18cm)
28 - 33" (71 - 84cm) 18" (45.72cm)
29 - 34" (74 - 86cm) 19" (48.26cm)
30 - 35" (76 - 88cm) 20" (50.8cm)
31 - 35" (79 - 88cm) 21" (53.34cm)
32 - 37" (81 - 94cm) 22" (55.88cm)
33 - 37" (84 - 94cm) 23" (58.42cm)

COBOC SOHO Electric Road Bike

The stunning Coboc Soho combines technical ingenuity with head-turning beauty.

The Soho’s beautiful hand-crafted brushed aluminium frame with polished welds is complemented by lightweight silver carbon forks.  Added to this is the classical elegance of the Brooks Cambium saddle and bar tape, whilst the Continental Grand Prix Classic tyres ensure the ride is as smooth as the look.

Like its brother the Ecycle, the 250w motor is seamlessly integrated into the rear hub and all electronic components, including the  battery, are discreetly concealed within the frame and provide a range of 80km on just a 2 hour charge time. All of this in a package weighing just 13.7kg.

Drop in at our Portobello Road store for a test ride ….we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Unparalleled design:

COBOC stands for timeless design enhanced by the most modern drive technology. The understated elegance of the classic frame construction combines seamlessly with intelligent power electronics and a high torque motor to deliver an agile, dynamic riding experience.

The product of an extraordinarily high level of research and development, COBOCs are all hand crafted in Germany. The electronics, battery and software have been developed by our experienced team over many years and utilise cutting edge methods of motor control and torque sensor technology that have been integrated into a single chip. Such efficiencies have enabled them to produce an electric bike with a weight of just 13.5kg (Ecycle), a level previously unseen in electric bikes.


Ride different:

The electric bike is the urban mobility of the future.  A complement to, rather than a replacement of, classic two wheeled transport.

Born out of  a passion for two wheels, a love of technology and the highest standards of design and functionality, a COBOC e-bike is unlike anything you’ve ever ridden before. Effortless motion from a light, agile design that delivers  an intuitive interaction between rider and bike.

With a design concept centred around aesthetics, function and riding pleasure our aim was to create something very special. Something highly refined. Something completely different…


Hidden power:

The 36 spoke wheels are hand built in Germany with the rear housing a 250 Watt brushless motor. Custom switchgear is hidden in a beautifully CNC machined aluminium housing which makes up the first part of the top tube. The only visible cue to the electric status of the bike are five blue LEDs flush with the tubing which indicate battery charge. Even the cabling is internal to maintain the sleek look of the machine.



Rather than using a torque sensor in the rear drop out like most other e-bikes, which need careful calibration each time the rear wheel is reinstalled, COBOC uses a high tech bottom bracket sensor. This means power delivery is not only progressive but also instantaneous and intuitive, a feeling akin to having  a constant tailwind as you ride! The whole system self-calibrates every time you recharge, meaning that battery life is maximized and from the first pedal stroke you are always guaranteed peak performance.

The battery pack consists of Panasonic cells (36V / 9.3 Ah) that are assembled on site in Germany. These lightweight batteries are performance optimized using a bespoke 4 layer circuit board and microprocessors that, combined with the torque sensor, deliver an incredible range of up to 80km.


Electrical specs:

Battery voltage          36v

Battery capacity        352 Wh

Motor                               250w/500W max

Torque                             Max. 40 Nm

Charge time                 2 hours

Range                               80km

Mechanical specs:

Weight                            13.7kg

Frame                              7020 aluminium, silver satin finish

Fork                                  Carbon, polished silver

Drivetrain                      Singlespeed chain 48-17T

Tyres                               Continental Grand Prix Classic 622-25

Pedals                            CNC milled aluminium, polished silver

Saddle                           Brooks Cambium C15. Colour :  “Rust”

Handlebars                 Bullhorn with Brooke Cambium “Rust”  bar tape

Brakes                            Rim brakes, brake lever CNC machined

L: 61 cm       Riders: 180+ cm
M: 58 cm    Riders:  173 cm – 180cm
S: 54 cm     Riders:  up to 173 cm

Frame sizes:

Commissioned and road tested e-bike 

Before being delivered your electric bike is checked and road-tested by our expert staff to make sure everything is perfect.

Fully assembled and delivered direct to you by our expert staff

We don’t believe your e-bike experience should begin with a white van dropping off a brown cardboard box. This is a whole different delivery experience – our experienced staff will gladly spend time with you to make sure you’re happy with your choice and understand all its features, so be ready to put the kettle on!

no brown box delivery1

One of our team will deliver your e-bike to your door fully assembled and tested at a pre-arranged time, and will work with you to ensure every thing is perfectly adjusted to suit your size and preferred riding style before that all-important test ride.

After your test ride, when everything has been fine-tuned to your liking and you are comfortable with your e-bike we will fit any accessories you may have ordered – or those you might already have – a favourite old saddle perhaps, a particular bell, or pair of trusted hand-me-down panniers.

Only when we are certain you are completely confident in your e-bike choice and understand how everything works will we leave you to enjoy your new found freedom.

The cost of this personal service varies depending on your location and whether you would prefer evening or weekend delivery, please email or telephone us for an estimate.

No quibble 100% money-back guarantee:

In the unlikely event that you’re not 100% delighted with your e-bike after the test-ride we simply take it back and either return later with alternative model of your choosing, or give you a 100% refund*.

*Note: After you have inspected the bike, completed the test ride and agreed that this is the right bike for you, the sale will be complete. Please be sure you are happy with everything before we leave as we cannot accept returns once our delivery staff have driven away unless the e-bike can been shown to have a design or manufacturing fault. We then retain the right to determine the appropriate remedy, be that on-site repair or replacement of a part, a replacement electric bike, or full or partial refund. If the reason you decide not to accept the bike could have been established easily before you ordered it (eg order a white bike and later decide you prefer black) we reserve the right to make reasonable charges for delivery and or any work done to the bike prior to delivery.

Parts and labour warranty:

A solid manufacturers warranty is a key benefit of choosing one of our quality European made e-bikes. In the unlikely event that a component fails a replacement will shipped to us from Holland or Germany, usually within 24hrs, and fitted free of charge either at our Suffolk workshop, or at your home if you have purchased our on-site service option.

Note: All our e-bikes carry a minimum two year warranty; please see e-bike specification table for model-specific variations.

Evening and weekend delivery:

Because few of us are at home during working hours these days, we offer the option of our personal home delivery service on Saturdays and Sundays, and evenings during the week.

On-site service:

Convenient dates for your service visits are arranged with our staff when we deliver your bike.

Experience has taught us that regular preventative maintenance is much better than simply reacting to problems as and when they occur. By choosing our on-site service option you’ll have the peace of mind that potential problems are likely to be identified and dealt with before they arise, thereby helping ensure your e-bike is safe and in good working order.

In the unlikely event that an unexpected problem arises – for example a puncture or broken front light – simply call or email us to bring forward a scheduled service and we will visit and carry out repairs.

Note: If you would prefer to bring your e-bike to our Suffolk workshop for servicing, the cost is £40 plus VAT.



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